GothLupin (gothlupin) wrote,

You got your anime in my Who!

Forget Inuyasha. I like Lord Sesshomaru.

I wonder if the trash talk then fight sequence is common in anime? The God of Wolves called Inuyasha a mutt then said something like "No, that's an insult to dogs." Which is how I occasionally think, using an insult and then saying but using said insult for the person or thing I don't like insults the insult. Huh? WTF?

I realised from writing my first post for Doctor Ten that I lurve him. I always liked him, the hyper crazy ruthless bloke but now he's in my top three faves of 3, 8, 10. But those are my favourites only if someone absolutely has to know because I like them all. Sure some will be further up the list the same way I like some of my own characteristics better than others. My so-called second tier of faves then would be 2, 4, 5, 9 with a nod to 1. There's nothing wrong with 6 and 7, save for the destruction wrought upon the show by the producers or whatever the frig was going on with them at that time.

I have always liked Jo Grant and will enjoy playing her. Great opening from Jules rping Three. Gotta love Bessie. Hmmm, she was yellow like bananas... ah I understand now.

My rping the SHM as reunited and looking most like Yazu has led to some interesting, unexpected developments. Need to think more about that.
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